Our Mission:


Empowering firms and professionals to convey their expertise confidently, comfortably and effectively.


Our Vision

To create corporate confidence, organic growth, key employee retention and higher succession value for businesses through highly customized sales consulting, empowering firms and professionals to convey their expertise confidently, comfortably and effectively.

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Our Board Of Advisors

Our distinguished Board is comprised of experts spanning the legal, accounting, insurance, and technology industries. Each member of the Board has been there and done that, providing invaluable insight regarding the finances, human resources, risk management, and growth of our customers.


Our Impact

Sebastian Lane Consulting is the solution for subject matter experts who lack the sales acumen that drives their economic worth. These are brilliant people who simply need guidance on how to drive revenue without compromising their ideals or quality of work.

Sebastian Lane Consulting develops the dynamic next generation of leaders that builds succession value and ownership payout, boosting client satisfaction and firm prestige along the way.



professionals increased abilities

92% of professionals say client relationship training has increased their abilities. This is also, coincidentally, the percentage of buyers who trust a referral from a person they know.



additional prospective clients

Our simple approach drives an additional 250 high value calls per trained professional, annually.



Professionals with insufficient training leave within a year

Dramatically increase retention and drastically reduce recruiting costs with training that addresses the professional’s aspirations, limitations and motivations.


Our Programs

Sebastian Lane Consulting provides highly customized sales consulting, training professionals and support staff to convey their expertise confidently, comfortably and effectively.


the legal industry

We work with law firms to allign the business development goals of the firm with the daily operations of its partners and staff, building revenue, prestige, and talent retention.

The Insurance industry

We provide insurance carriers with training to best capitalize opportunities with agency partners. For insurance agencies, we work with producers and non-producers alike to capture new business and growth opportunities.

the accounting industry

We work with accounting firms to audit and maximize their development opportunities while optimizing their quality of work.

the technology industry

We work within the comfort zone of highly skilled subject matter experts to help convey their expertise to both educated customers and laypersons, allowing their technical capabilities to be fully expressed and appreciated.

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kind words regarding our ceo, Jesse Mahle

A trusted colleague originally advised me to contact Jesse. I did, and Jesse has helped our company throughout our evolution. In fact, I have gladly referred others to Jesse over the years. I hold Jesse in the highest professional regard, and he has my full confidence. He will work to earn yours.

Jim / DC Metro 


Take Action

At Sebastian Lane Consulting, our greatest professional goal is to empower first-rate firms and their professionals to reach new heights.

To seize this opportunity, simply call our office at 443-534-6783 or email us at jesse@sebastianlaneconsulting.com to schedule a free initial consultation.